Canonico's Heating & Air Conditioning won my confidence and got the contract out of 7 HVAC companies in Sonoma county who bid on my job. Michael is the owner of his company and also did the installation on my project. Find another company where the owner is the installer. Why Michael? Honest, Knowledgable, intelligent and provides direct answers (something that you might expect from everyone; but is simply not the case). Those who came out for the most part were "salesmen" who were selling a package and trying to compete for the project. To compete; components necessary for a working system were left out of their bids or unaddressed. Try to get product information or a product model #! The way the majority approached me was attempting to sell me a "concept of comfort" without describing the products involved. Cononico's Competition didn't talk about ducting size or configuration, air intake, or problems. These would have occurred once the project got started. Example.: My house built in 1964 was constructed with the tecnology of the time which included Metal Ducting. Metal Ducting wouldn't have passed the permit as the Permit requires a test that measures the efficiency that meets the county standards of 95% efficient. Did the salesmen and other reps who came out mention this? NO. Michael did. I suppose the other company's just wanted to get their foot in the door and once committed they say to the customer.. "by the way" your ducting isn't going to pass inspection and you will have to replace it.... knowing that they can give you any price they want and the customer has little choice at that point. What make Canonico Heating & Air stand out from the crowd was the man himself who represents his own services. Michael designed the whole job. He gave me prices for each of the aspects of the job including the replacing the ducting with R4 insulated ducting as a part of his design which satisfies the newer base line for energy efficiency. I'm now living in a house built in 1964 that has 2018 technology of Comfort; installed by who I consider the best guy in the business. Michael listened to my ideas and as a customer I had a voice that was heard. Not true of the other "diamond certified" dealers who pay top money to prioritize listing in the google ads. But, he's the guy to do the job; knowing what he knows... working quickly; always arriving on time and being available for communicating about every concern. There was a very large amount of information that I needed to learn in order to get value from my investment. From everything I learned, mentioned in article after article; The MOST Important Aspect of Any Efficient Heating and Air conditioning Installation IS THE INSTALLER as his / her level of knowledge creates the design of the homes comfort. I have that now thanks to Canonico's HVAC and specifically to Michael I am enjoying a Bryant 3.5 ton 2 stage variable furnace with a 3.5 ton 2 stage variable AC tied together with a WiFi Bryant HouseWise Smart Thermostat. It's good to be living in a contemporary designed temperature controlled environment which is not only quieter, cleaner as a result of electrostatic filters and way more energy efficient lowering my utility bill. Michael is extraordinary in his field of business; he is talented. Being as satisfied as I was/am, I couldn't let him leave before I had him replace my 50 gallon water heater. When you have someone talented to do your work; You Hire that person when the opportunity arises. I am very glad I did. I made a very good choice. GB Santa Rosa, CA
We recently converted from a water baseboard heating system and went with Canonico's Heating and Air Conditioning, to install a forced air heating system. This was a green field install, and was more complicated than I thought it would be. Mike, who was on time, very professional(rare these days) walked our home, worked with us on the system design and had it installed in 3 days. We now have a plan to migrate the new system into a AC system as well. Canonico's Heating and Air Conditioning, should be your go to team!
Canonico's was professional from estimate through inspection. They were thoroughly respectful of home, family and schedule, communicative every step of the way, answered my questions thoroughly and provided fair pricing for very thorough work. No surprises, other then Canonico's unprompted adjusting price DOWN when something was easier then anticipated.